About Me

2013-2017: I obtained my Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Science and Technology Beijing with distinguished honors at the School of Metallurgical Engineering (the best Metallurgical Engineering School worldwide).  My research areas were mainly in steel-making and Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (undergraduate dissertation).

2017-2019: I held my M.S. degree at Columbia University, New York, working with Professor Yuan Yang at the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics. My M.S. research was at the intersection of electrochemistry, materials science, and mechanical engineering. In particular, my research focused on the structural design and fundamental understanding of High-Energy-Density Flexible Li-ion Battery.

2019-2023: I got my Ph.D. degree at the University of Maryland, College Park, working with Professor Eric D. Wachsman (the Past President of Electrochemical Society, National Academy of Inventor) at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. At Wachsman Lab, I strive to (i). understand the degradation mechanism of Lithium-Sulfur (Li-S) cells using garnet solid electrolyte (LLZO) at cathode/LLZO interface with various characterization techniques; (ii). achieve high-energy-density solid-state Li-S cells with stable cycling using tape-casted ceramic process to synthesize LLZO; (iii). build all-solid-state garnet Li-S cells: I poineered the all-solid-state Li-S cells using LLZO and high-energy-density all-solid-state Li-S cells using LLZO.

2023-Present: I am currently working as a Postdoctoral Associate at Brown University, Providence, with Professor Brian W. Sheldon at the School of Engineering. At Brown, I am looking into fundamental science about mechanics of energy materials and thermal energy management. I am closely collaborating with interdisciplinary research groups (Professor Angus I. Kingon, Professor Pradeep R. GuduruProfessor Yue Qi, Professor Emily Sprague-Klein and to be continued) that bring various and broad expertises.