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3D Bridge-Arch-Structured Dual-Side Evaporator for Practical, All-Weather Water Harvesting and Desalination

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A Facile and Effective Design for Dynamic Thermal Management Based on Synchronous Solar and Thermal Radiation Regulation

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Radiative-Coupled Evaporative Cooling: Fundamentals, Development, and Applications

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Extreme Lithium-Metal Cycling Enabled by a Mixed Ion-and Electron-Conducting Garnet Three-Dimensional Architecture 

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All-Solid-State Garnet type Lithium-Sulfur Battery Enabled by Inorganic Interfacial Engineering and 3D Electrolyte Architectures

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 Flexible Solid-State Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Based on Structural Designs

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3D Asymmetric Bilayer Garnet Hybridized High-Energy-Density Lithium-Sulfur Batteries 

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Accordion-like Stretchable Li-ion Batteries with High Energy Density

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High-Energy-Density Foldable Battery Enabled by Zigzag-like Design

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New Insights into Nail Penetration of Li‐Ion Batteries: Effects of Heterogeneous Contact Resistance

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High-Energy-Density Deformable Batteries

US Patent App. 16/979, 312.