2024. 03. 22 I have been honored with Top Under 30 Chinese-American Youth Elite List. This is in recognition of my contributions to innovation, entrepreneurship, and professional growth, all of which is rooted in my postdoctoral work and my Ph.D. research. This recognition is considered the highest honor for young Chinese professionals in America.

2024. 02.04 I will be serving as a guest editor of MDPI Batteries, Special Issue: Advances in Solid Electrolytes and Solid-State Batteries.

2024. 01. 08 I won the ECS-IOP Trusted Reviewer (top 15% awarded) Honor!

2023. 12.20 I won the Nano Research Energy Young Star Researcher Gold Award!

2023. 12.01 I will be serving as an Assistant Editor for Nano Research Energy (CiteScore 2023: 33.4)! 

2023. 11.09 I won Early Career Distinguished Scholar Program, Honorable Mention, UC Irvine which was was designed to increase the number of underrepresentative faculty.

2023. 11.06 I will deliver a department seminar talk at Iowa State University on November 13th 2023.

2023. 10.30 I will deliver seminar talks at Northern Illinois University, Illinois Institute of Technology, and the University of Illinois at Chicago next week!

2023. 10. 25 I will have an invited flash talk, titled "Blocking Lithium Dendrite with Piezoelectric Materials" in tomorrow's Initiative for Sustainable Energy Workshop at Brown University.

2023. 10.18 I will have a poster discussing about the "Viscoplasticity-Driven Approach on Lithium Dendrite Suppression in Sulfide Electrolytes" in the incoming Initiative for Sustainable Energy Workshop at Brown University!

2023.09.06 I will give my seminar talk titled "High-Energy-Density Lithium-Sulfur Battery Design using Garnet Solid Electrolyte" at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on September 25th 2023!

2023.08.09 I am excited to announce that I will be presenting my first postdoctoral work titled "Viscoplasticity Driven Approach to Increase Critical Current Density in Sulfide Electrolytes" on November 29th at 2023 Fall MRS meeting at Boston! 

2023.07.05 We won the Initiative for Sustainable Energy Seed Funding, $90,013 (2023-2024) to conduct a very collaborative research topics on "Blocking Li Metal Dendrite with Piezoelectric Solid Polymer Electrolytes".  Thank you for my postdoc advisor Dr. Brian W. Sheldon for highlighting me in the proposal!

2023.07.01 I won the most prestigious Chinese award "Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad" (1 of 650 globally), granted by Chinese Government. 

2023.05.01 I am promoted to Postdoctoral Research Associate at Brown University! 

2023.03.17 I pioneered the first generation of all-solid-state Li-S batteries using garnet solid electrolyte through a novel three-phase cathode, which can be operated at both room temperature and elevated temperature. The work was published on ACS Energy Letter!

2023.02.05 I am elected to be Youth Editorial Board Member for "Nano Research Energy", a raising star Journal in energy field.

2023.02.01 I am joining Professor Brian W. Sheldon's group at Brown University as a Research Associate. 

2022.12.14 My 1st first-authored paper during my Ph.D. was just accepted by ACS Applied Materials Interface

2022.12.02 I presented the first "All-Solid-State Li-S battery using garnet solid electrolyte" at 2022 Fall MRS meeting.

2022.10.07 I am excited to announce that I will present my work on charge failure mechanism on Li-S battery using garnet solid electrolyte in the incoming 242nd Electrochemical Society Meeting. My presentation will be on Thursday Oct 13th, 12:20 pm at The Hilton Atlanta - Galleria 4. In addition, I will also have a digital presentation (#Late A-2614: (Digital Presentation)) on how to stabilize garnet Li-S battery cycling stability based on the charge failure mechanism.

2022.09.20 I am awarded the Jacob K. Goldhaber Travel Grant for presenting my research at 242nd ECS meeting.

2021.12.22 I am elected to be one of the Future Faculty Program Fellows at UMD by my Ph.D. advisor Dr. Eric D. Wachsman and our computational collaborator Dr. Yifei Mo.

2021.11.17 A special and big gift from South River High School. Thank you!

2021.11.09 I am serving as a panel judge for South River High School on sustainable solutions to student-generated problems as part of their sustainable living classroom

2021.10.05 My personal website is published :-)